D&S Maintenance Services,

P.O. Box 1316, Macquarie Centre,

North Ryde 2113

Sam Russo: 0417 698 433

Dianne Barter: 0407 460 010

Fax: (02) 9876 8967


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Building and maintaining gardens and lawns over vast campus properties is our core service.

Pictured right is one of many properties in Sydney we have maintained and built gardens for from beginning to beautifully landscaped end.

As we are also in the longer term maintenance and upkeep of large landscape gardens, we build from the beginning with the ongoing high standards in mind.

Irrigation systems, plant selection, and ground preparation all contribute to not only a stunning garden in the short term but a landscape garden and lawn that is less expensive over the longer term to maintain and will impress year round.

Lawns and Gardens